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iSOURCe is a leading online provider of news to over 350 IT and ITES, telecom, healthcare, retail, insurance, real estate and HR companies. Our updates are accessed by over 40,000 professionals in these sectors. We have been in the business since 1998 and are the market leaders in the online news aggregation field in India.


You can advertise in iSOURCe’s news digests through banners.


Why iSOURCe Updates is the best place for your advertisement


  • Higher readership and therefore better visibility of your adverts. Our news digests are a paid for service, akin to newspapers and not unsolicited mail. Therefore readership of all our updates and consequently visibility of your advertisements, is extremely high
  • Targeted reach. Unlike general newspapers and magazines our updates reach an industry specific audience which ensures better targeting
  • iSOURCe is the market leader in online news digests. Our subscriber list is a who’s who of the corporate world. Our subscribers include Infosys, The Bharti Group, Ericsson, Nokia, Gartner, Genpact, PwC, IBM, Johnson & Johnson, Intel, KPMG, Hiranandani group, Aditya Birla group and SAP India to name a few.
  • Your adverts reach the decision-makers/influencers. Our updates are usually sent to all middle and senior level employees in a company ensuring that your advert reaches people across organisational hierarchies
  • Result: Higher ROI

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