About iSOURCe Updates

iSOURCe is a leading online provider of news to over 350 IT and ITES, telecom, healthcare, retail, insurance, real estate and HR companies. Our updates are news digests produced five days a week and accessed by over 40,000 professionals in these sectors. We have been in the business since 1998 and are the market leaders in the online news aggregation field in India.

We produce seven industry-specific daily updates covering news from 20 national English daily newspapers and e-papers.

Our updates are emailed to subscribers every morning, giving them a heads-up on the day's news as they start their work day. iSOURCe gives the day's relevant news in a reader-friendly and intelligent format rather than being just a media tracking service. Our news briefs are deep-linked to news providers' websites and our model drives traffic to the content providers' websites.

Clients: Infosys, The Bharti Group, Ericsson, Nokia, Gartner, Genpact,  PwC, IBM, Johnson & Johnson, Intel,  KPMG, Hiranandani group, Aditya Birla group and SAP India are some of the companies which rely on iSOURCe Updates to meet their information needs.


The founder of iSOURCe Updates is Bharati Rawla.

Group Company

iSOURCe Updates is a part of Groupe iSOURCe (www.group-isource.com)


Groupe iSOURCe delivers sales accepted pipeline for global B2B technology companies in addition to customised business research, actionable sales intelligence and audience outreach services.